COVID-19 has prevented some players from missing their team practices and games, but one player has been missing for no concrete reason.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving has been missing multiple games already with the team due to “personal reasons.”

However, the NBA is not buying it anymore as a video surfaced on the internet wherein. They saw Irving mask-less in a family gathering.

Kyrie Irving

NBA handed out protocols, and one is prohibiting players from taking off their masks and joining any gathering or club with more than 15 people in attendance.

“A date of his return has yet to be finalized. In the meantime, we will continue to stay focused on our organizational goals.”

“Kyrie will have the opportunity to address his absence when he is ready to do so,” said Net General Manager Sean Marks.

Irving first went out missing without knowing their new head coach, two-time MVP Steve Nash.

With all the hiatus and concerns growing around the former number one overall pick, how would it affect the Nets?

According to some sources, the team has been communicating less with Irving and unhappy about his behavior.

What triggered this? No one knows except Irving, who limits himself from appearing in the media.