After almost six years and two presidents, container vans of garbage from Canada are finally going back home.

Several organizations and environmental groups bid their good riddance to the said wastes.

These trashes were loaded early Friday morning, May 31 into a cargo ship and is expected to journey for more than 20 days to reach its final destination, the Vancouver International Airport.

It took 6 hours to load the garbage in MV Bavaria that arrived at the Subic Freeport New Container Port Terminal-1.

This has also been a subject of tension between Manila and Ottawa.

The waste was sent in the Philippines by a private company from Canada for recycling in 2013 and 2014. However, it cannot be recycled because it contained rubbish or also known as household trash.

This came after the announcement of President Rodrigo Duterte to go on war if Canada will not be able to resolve the issue. He has also given the country until May 15 to start shipping out the garbage.

The President also instructed on pulling its top Diplomats out of Ottawa.

Weeks after, the federal government vowed to shoulder all the expenses needed to ship out 69 container vans of trash. It also amended a regulation to prevent future exports of waste materials without a permit.

MV Bavaria is expected to reach Kaohsiung, Taiwan by tomorrow.

Investigation is still on-going of whom should be held accountable for the matter. (with reports from Bombo Dennis Jamito.)