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The NBA is planning to start the new season on December 22 says sources.

The league aims to speed up the upcoming season to give a way for athletes to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

Coronavirus had disorganized the NBA’s regular schedule; thus, shortening next season with 72 games will help them open 2021-2022 with the usual 82 games in October.

Sacrificing several games is the best solution for distortion.

This is nothing new to the league.

In 2012, a lockout happened, making the season cut games to finish on time.

If pushed through, teams who made it in the Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat will have lesser time to prepare.

A more challenging season is ahead for the defending champion Lakers.

Also in the plan was the games to be held in each teams’ respective arenas.

It is the first move before allowing fans to attend.

Games had been different without the sixth man, but they have to endure a little longer for the upcoming season’s success.

The plan will also speed up the courtship in the free agency market. The days to come will put the management on a busy schedule in luring potential fit to them.

Playing in the Holidays is also being talked about.

This will help the league to generate more viewership and resurrect the hype of basketball.