The Department of Health (DoH) would like Food and Drug Administration to conduct an investigation regarding the rampant online selling of antibiotic and steroids.

medications online

Recently, an alarming news came to everyone’s attention when a concerned citizen posted on social media how easy it was for her to order her prescription medicines through an online store. She can even pay the amount at any payment center.

A prescription from the doctor is required if someone needs to buy two medicines.

According to DoH, selling of prescription drugs online is strictly prohibited and may incur penalties for violating Generics law and Cheaper Medicines Act. There is no guarantee that these medicines were legit or if it is approved by FDA.

Health Undersecretary and FDA OIC Eric Domingo signed an advisory warning the public about the “internet sales and access” of the said drugs.

World Health Organization conducted a report showing seven thousand people die every year around the globe due to anti-microbial resistance or AMR.

AMR occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasite grow in the presence of a chemical (drug) that would normally kill or limit its growth. The drug becomes ineffective, making it harder to eliminate infections from the body. / with reports from Bombo Jerald B. Ulep and edited by Bombo Sol Marquez