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As the Boston Celtics await the winner of the Indiana Pacers versus the New York Knicks series that went to a Game 7 decider, your Bombo Radyo and Star FM analyst was thinking: whatever the outcome of the other semi-final series, be it New York or Indiana, it would be like a massacre in the offing.

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For at least on paper, despite the seeming pugnacious to the death attitude of the Knicks or the mesmerizing offensive capability of the Pacers, Boston Celtics just seemed a cut above any of them.

We salute of course the never say die attitude of the Knicks who went all the way to the deciding game and lost with all guns blazing and their star player carried out of the court with a fractured hand. The bet was, with a healthy New York Team that could have rested with they have disposed the Pacers earlier, they could scare the less sanguine Boston whose heart and disposition in close fights are suspect.

The Pacers triumphed over New York and gave Boston more it could chew on in Game 1 and only the last-minute blunders on the part of Indiana (if you are in the lead, you play controlled basketball more so if you are in possession of the ball) let them down.

That gave everyone a pause and give Indiana then chance to really mangle Boston with their high-octane offensive.

And they seemed to have found just the right solution to keep Boston at bay for Game 2.

Well at least for the first quarter which they lead 27 to 25. But from there onwards, Boston simply outscored them every quarter thereafter to make a crushing statement in their 126-110 win.

In fact, the Number 1 offensive team Pacers (at least for the regular season) were simply overpowered by the Celtics in the offensive end (Boston 53.4% in field goal percentage to Indiana’s 52.2% and 40.5 % in three-point shots made 15/37 compared to Indiana’s 37.9% 11/29) showing the complexion of the game.

Everyone step-up for Boston as the head-to-head leaders show (Brown’s 40 points to Siakam’s 28, the ageless Horford’s 10 rebounds versus the 5 of Jackson or Holiday’s 10 assists to Haliburton’s 8).

Jason Tatum and Derrick White chipped in 23 points each to the Celtics

The Celtics were so much in control that the double-digit lead at the end of the third quarter was not really threatened despite all efforts from the Pacers.

It’s back to the drawing boards for the Pacers as they return and hopefully make a god stand in their home court; if not, then they are just like lambs being led to the slaughter.