Tanggap ng lawyer/beauty queen na si Bea Patricia Magtanong ang naging resulta ng 2019 Miss International kung saan nasungkit lamang nito ang Top 8 finish.

Pat Magtanong national costume 2

Sa kanyang online public post ilang araw matapos ang coronation sa Japan, sinabi ni Atty. Patch na tinarget niyang makapagbigay ng makabuluhang speech lalo na noong makapasok sa Top 8 “win or lose.”

Ayon pa sa Bataan beauty, isa nang karangalan ang maging kinatawan ng bansa sa Miss International pageant kung saan nagkaroon ito ng pagkakataon na magtalumpati sa 2019 slogan na “cheer all women.”

“⁣⁣⁣That’s not to say that I didn’t aim to win, but I say that because I was never one to dwell on things outside my control. ⁣⁣I knew that once I delivered my speech, I would have already done everything within my power, and it would be up to fate or luck whether or not I would get the crown. Standing there with 7 equally deserving ladies, I surrendered everything and I was ready to accept whatever placement would be given to me,” ani Magtanong.

Una rito, sa isinagawang speech competition ay tinalakay ni Magtanong ang kahalagahan ng women empowerment at gender equality sa kasalukuyang henerasyon.

Narito ang kanyang speech:

“When I was younger, I found it strange that I was subjected to different standards as other boys my age. When I got older and even more so when I became a lawyer, I began to question these standards and challenge them.

Why should women live in fear of harassment, violence, and discrimination when basic human decency calls for respect, tolerance, and compassion? To cheer all women means to support all women regardless of the race, religion, or background, but not only these – it also means, to remove all the barriers that prevent women [from reaching] their full potential.

Miss International does this by fostering a global culture of women empowerment and gender equality, and through this platform we can ensure that no woman anytime and anywhere is left behind.”

Kung maaalala, itinanghal na Miss International 2019 si Sireethorn Leeramwat mula Thailand.

Noong nakaraang taon ay abot-kamay na ng bansa ang pang-pitong Miss International crown sa pamamagitan ng first runner-up ni Maria Athisa Manalo, pero kinoronahan ang pambato ng Venezuela na nagkataong birthday.