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Anonymous NBA players are reportedly in the firm belief that the next NBA season will start on December 22, three days before Christmas.

There are two possible dates for the next start, December and January.

However, players believe that the December start is now inevitable.

On a layout released by the Athletics NBA;

Training camps will start on December 1.

Three-four preseason games will be played.

72 regular-season games. Instead of the usual 82.

14 back-to-back games. For all the 30 teams.

Regular season to end in May.

Playoffs will start in the third week of May.

July is the target finish of the season.

Meanwhile, if the league decided to start in January, regular-season games will be cut to 60.

According to some sources, they are already convinced that more than two-thirds of the teams have a three-month layoff for the December start.

Long enough to prepare for the upcoming season.

However, what will be the consolation to those teams who reached the playoffs, especially the finals?

While there is still no answer to this, I’m sure that the NBA will adjust and consider these teams.

The players association and the NBA are expected to vote for the format and date of the start.

Sadly, fans will still be prohibited from entering arenas as the pandemic has yet to end.

Other teams are slowly getting back in training. The Golden State Warriors, who were eliminated in the regular season, started early on their camp. They even held a scrimmage once.

For other concerns, teams are quickly making their move to acquire players available in the market.

The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly trying to pursue James Harden of the Houston Rockets despite the team not issuing any trade sign.

Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelican has become available for trade as well.

The upcoming season is already a big task for both the league and the players.

But despite being under pressure, they are working together to start another journey after overcoming the successful NBA bubble.