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The games played so far in the NBA Play-Offs, show the competitive spirit of each team who have made it clear that their roster is willing to sacrifice so as to advance to the next round.

In the scheme of things in the road to being crowned as WORLD CHAMPIONS (an anachronistic claim better left to a further discussion; but just note that out of FIVE MVP FINALISTS IN THE NBA THIS YEAR, ONLY ONE IS A FULL BLOODED AMERICAN) the survival for the time-being in winning versus the current opponent must consider the antagonist for the next round.

As it goes, at least at this time, the Eastern Conference simply is a preview of who will the Boston Celtics meet in the Eastern Conference Finals. Boston has made it 3 – 1 in a series after drubbing the Donovan Mitchell less Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers, already without enough offensive firepower beside Donovan Mitchell if he is around, find themselves at a loss and groping for offensive options without him and fell to the Boston team.

And New York, playing all heart despite being utterly exhausted defeated the Pacers at Madison Square Garden 121 – 91 making a strong statement that in certain times, the mind can make the body perform despite all injuries and exhaustion.

Jalen Brunson, clearly playing hurt, simply willed the Knicks to win with an explosive 44 points on his 18 out of 35 shooting and dishing out 7 assists. He towed other Knicks to over perform (Josh Hart 18 points, Alec Burk 18 points Miles Mcbride 17 points, Isaiah Hartenstein 12 offensive rebounds).

The Pacers, who were very resurgent and seemingly ascendant in Game 4 wilted before a determined Knicks offensive that is anchored on a dominant offensive rebounding (20 team total for the game 12 of which came from their center Hartenstein) that gave them second chance balls.

The series will go back to Indianapolis but we can feel that any of these teams (without the adjustments they have to make) will be easy picking for Boston Celtics who are a cinch to simply play over the Cavaliers and advance to the next round.

Now Boston, with all its ability as well as athleticism can destroy its opponents at will. The only question at this point will be, have they developed the heart to do so and in a consistent manner?

They might want to learn from the ailing but still battling New York Knicks.