BAGUIO CITY – A 24-year old woman died from bacterial infection or also known as leptospirosis in Baguio City.

In an interview with Dr. Donnabel Tubera, head of the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of City Health Services Office, she said they were not able to talk with the victim’s family since they are still mourning.

However, she said that base on hospital records it stated that the victim was wearing slippers when she was exposed to flood last week.

They are looking at the possibility that the victim has an open wound which worsen the case.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tubera noted that two other patients were infected with leptospirosis wherein, their kidneys were affected by the deadly bacteria.

These two victims were possibly infected while they were cleaning the establishment located in the central business district of Baguio where they are working.

Both of the patients is currently undergoing kidney dialysis at Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center.

The first case of leptospirosis infection in the city was recorded last March.

The doctor could not hide her fear since it is the first time they recorded death and infection due to leptospirosis at the center of the city since previous cases of leptospirosis in the locality listed the farmers as the common victim./ with reports from Bombo Radyo Baguio; edited by Bombo Sol Marquez.