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If there is a ‘Mexicutioner’ moniker given to boxers who defeated numerous Mexicans like Manny Pacquiao, Guillermo Rigondeaux, on the other hand, wants to be the executioner for Filipinos.

In their final press conference, the 40-year Cuban claimed to put the WBO bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero to the canvass.

dr john melo guillermo rigondeaux
Dr. John Melo w/ Cuban legend Guillermo Rigondeaux @Hyatt Regency, LA

“Casimero is going to be the third Filipino that I’m going to take down. Everyone is going to see what I’m about on Saturday. I don’t have to tell anyone what’s going to happen now; you’re going to see it all in the ring,” he said via Boxing News.

The veteran, who aims to prove he still has it added that he enjoys the beef with Casimero.

“I’m enjoying this back and forth right now. It’s heating up. He’s going to have to back it up on Saturday night.

“He’s knocked out six guys in a row, but none of them are in the same class as me. He’s going to have the devil in front of him on Saturday.”

He even said that he feels no pressure against Casimero as he intends to take away the belt from the Filipino boxer.

“I’m only worried about the title that Casimero has. I’m coming for the WBO belt on Saturday night. Everyone who is here knows my story and what I’ve done at 122-pounds. I’m going to do the same thing at 118-pounds. Casimero is no exception; he’s just standing in my way.

“I like all the challenges. I want to face all the champions out there like I’ve done my whole career. I’ll take on any champion who’s willing to face me.

“I’m not worried about his talking. I always do my best talking with my fists and in the ring. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to show him the kind of fighter I am.