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CARSON, Los Angeles – John Riel Casimero is still the WBO Bantamweight Champion after a split decision victory over Guillermo Rigondeaux.

The fight, however, saw Casimero being played by Rigondeaux’s textbook fighting style.

Casimero 1 1
Dr. John Melo w/ WBO Bantamweight Champion John Riel Casimero

The Cuban did enough to last for 12 rounds, move around the ring, and frustrated John the Filipino champion but his tactics fell short of him winning the overall fight.

Casimero landed only 47 punches but his opponent has lesser, 44.

The judges scored the fight 117-111, 116-112, and 113-115 to wrap up the main event.

Despite the poor showing, Casimero stayed true to his original plan, to call out the other bantamweight champs, Nonito Donaire and Naoya Inoue.

Who will be the next for “Quadro Alas”?


“I’m excited to get the win. Rigondeaux is a good boxer and two-time Olympic gold medalist. I was worried, because he said he wouldn’t run, but he ran the whole time. I thought I got the knockdown in the first round too.

“My expectations were for a knockout. Me and all my fans wanted that. I did my best to knock him out, but he was just running and not fighting.

“I had a three-fight plan. First was Rigondeaux, and I beat him. Next is Nonito Donaire and then finally Naoya Inoue.”


“Nobody wants to fight with me because I frustrate them in the ring. I landed the punches that I needed to in order to win the fight tonight. This is how I win.

“I have these God-given skills and this is the way I display them. I’m a unique fighter. It’s my style and it’s the only one I know.

“You can see I’m still better than anyone else in the light weight classes and I’m going to keep fighting.”