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Known for his off-court antics, John Riel Casimero continued his sharp tirades in the final press conference of his fight against Guillermo Rigondeaux for the WBO bantamweight strap.

Casimero, though, was a little calmer as he showed more respect to his opponent.

john melo john reil casimero
WBO bantamweight champ John Riel Casimero w/ Dr. John Melo at Hyatt Regency, LA

“I respect Rigondeaux because he’s a good boxer and a two-time Olympian. But I want to show to the world that I can knock him out, and a lot of my fans want to see me knock him out. So that’s what I’m going to do.”

Speaking of knockout, Casimero predicted that their fight would only last for three rounds.

“I have a surprise for Rigondeaux on Saturday night. He will maybe last three rounds. Don’t run!”

The Filipino champion is on a hot roll as he stopped all his last six opponents; he is confident the Cuban boxer is the next on the list.

“I’ve stopped my last six opponents, and Rigondeaux is next. He’s “finito.”

He also knows that his belt is not only at stake come August 14th, as it may lead to his biggest fight yet.

“If I finish Rigondeaux, then maybe Donaire or Inoue will be next.”