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Dana White is not a fan of Conor McGregor jumping back to boxing once again.

White, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), said he would rather see McGregor’s rematch versus Khabib Nurmagomedov than the rumored McGregor-Manny Pacquiao boxing match.

McGregor debuted in boxing back in 2017 in a mega-money fight against genius businessman Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although the UFC superstar was knocked out, he made tons of money in the fight. Better than what he was getting in the UFC.

Noting what happened, this is also what most people are thinking for the McGregor-Pacquiao fight.

Late in December 2020 said that they would indeed fight each other this year, a money fight with more just more action because Pacquiao will compete.

However, White was urging the Irish fighter to focus all his energy first in the UFC.

“I would love to see him focus on what he could do in the UFC. Whether it is taking another shot at the title against Khabib or fight for the title against somebody else if Khabib retires and then defend that title,” White said.

White is not a fan of boxing as he always takes shots at Top Rank’s Bob Arum and how the boxing is getting low interactions nowadays.

“A boxing match with any of these guys, that sort of stuff is always going to be there. You are the absolute best in the world right now at MMA.”

“The timing is right now. [You are] not getting any younger. I would love to see him go for it here [in UFC] in the next year.”