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Presidential son Paolo Duterte pointed to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV as the one behind the viral video supposedly showing his involvement in the illegal drug trade in the country.

According to Duterte, also know as “Pulong,” if there’s anything admirable about Trillanes, “it is his relentlessness and talent to turn the absurd into something ridiculous, if not bizarrely entertaining.” Pulong stressed that the senator may deny about being behind the video, but he believes it has been clearly stamped with the indelibleTrillanes signature, which according to him, a mark of being a desperate mercenary, who has done nothing good but attack the government.

The presidential son plans to file another string of cases against Trillanes after viral video linking him to drug syndicate receiving hundreds of millions of pesos together with his brother-in-law Atty. Mans Carpio. “I have filed cases against Mr. Trillanes for ruining my name. I will file another string of cases for his continued attempts to destroy my reputation,” Duterte said.

He also dared Trillanes and everyone behind the video exposé to back their claims against him and he will not show the tattoo on his back “that make things easier for Mr. Trillanes.”