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Manny Pacquiao is pushing the Senate to create Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission under the Office of the President.

Pacquiao who is serving as a senator is continuing his input to his position as he has yet to fight again inside the boxing ring.

In the bill he authored, the Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission will be overseeing body in boxing and other combat sports.

Aside from being the regulatory agency, the said commission also aims to lift the country’s combat sports to another level.

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Pacquiao bid to make Philippines as the “boxing and sports combat capital of Asia.”

Currently, aside from boxing, mixed martial arts has also risen to the spotlight. Edward Folayang and co., are the biggest names today who are competing in the ONE Championship.

Although there are already Games and Amusement Board, Pacquiao stressed that the establishment of his proposed bill will only help GAB and not to discredit their efforts.

This means that GAB can put more focus on other sports while the new commission will solely focus on boxing and combat sports.