President Rodrigo Duterte joins all Filipino Christians throughout the country and in other parts of the world in the observance of the Holy Week.

In his Lenten Message, Duterte said, “our strong faith in God has contributed to our resiliency as a nation, especially during trying times. Important occasions in our communities are usually anchored in our religious traditions, especially this Lenten Season.”

Duterte Lent

Duterte expressed hope that this blessed occasion be an opportunity for prayer and reflection as we strive to uphold what is good and just.

“Let the spirit of this commemoration inspire us to rekindle our commitment to serve our people, especially those who are most in need. I trust that the virtues of faith, hope and charity will continue to drive all our efforts in nation-building. With guidance from Christ’s sacrifice, let us work towards the attainment of our noble aspirations for the nation,” Duterte said.