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romero duno Melo
Ryan Garcia vs Romero Duno (photo credit to Ponciano C. Melo Jr.)

American boxer Ryan Garcia is ready to shine along with the spotlight in the MGM Grand Arena as he predicted to finish the match with Romero Duno in a stunning fashion.

On the final press conference, Garcia told the press and the people in attendance that he will knockout the Filipino fighter to clinch the vacant WBC Silver Lightweight belt.

“I just feel like my skills are obviously better. I’m not gonna say that he’s better than me or something because I’ll show I will win fairly easy and that’s what I’m confident with. I don’t see it going all 10 rounds. [Knockout?] Yes,” he said.

Both fighters are knockout artists but it is Garcia who has a better rate of sending the opponent to sleep with 83%. He also stands three inches taller than the 5’7” Duno.

Garcia was supposed to fight Avery Sparrow last September but Sparrow was a no-show in the official weigh-in after being arrested due to some charges. Months after the delayed fight, Garcia is eager to prove his doubters wrong.

“This fight is a big fight, there’s a lot of hype around it. A lot of things have been said about me about for not taking the fight in September but look I’m taking it now. This is where it has to be, it’s a big moment on a big stage and you know you got two hungry fighters, two prospects. Romero Duno is a knockout puncher and he’ll come to try and knock me out.”

Garcia, a popular personality in social media with 3.7 million followers on Instagram also took a jab on his haters and vows to make November 2nd his revenge day for them.

“I hope to prove everybody wrong but I probably won’t get my respect at the end of the day but it is okay because at the end of the day as long as I put the best performance I can and leave the best show I can in November 2nd.”