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oscar de la hoya belfort

While it will be an eternal debate for many, Oscar De la Hoya knows who is the greatest of all time is. It’s Manny Pacquiao.

Despite his recent loss to Yordenis Ugas, De la Hoya admitting that Pacquiao is probably the greatest of all time.

“Pacquiao is Pacquiao. He is a legend. He’s the best. I think he’ll probably go down as the greatest fighter that we’ve seen, ever!… It was a privilege watching his fight, and it’s probably the end of an era..,” he said in an interview with Fight Hype TV.

“I think that Manny Pacquiao looked good, just Ugas didn’t make him look good. Being 44, I think he was Pacquiao. He looked good. He looked good. He went 12 hard rounds with a younger guy.”

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He even recalled the moment he fought the younger Pacquiao that eventually led to his retirement.

“And that’s the problem with us fighters, you know, we go for the younger guy. It happened with Manny Pacquiao and me when he kicked me a** because he was the younger guy.”

However, the difference is that even if Pacquiao retires now, his legacy will never be tainted as he always fights the best, only the best.