BACOLOD CITY – Singer-songwriter to Myanmar David Lai pleads support from international communities as the country’s military ruler continues to take control in the midst of intensified protests.

In an exclusive interview of Star FM Bacolod with David Lai, he described the darkness which envelops the entire nation adding the 53 million civilians that were put behind bars in Myanmar.

Myanmar David lai 1

Lai continued that his influence as a musician compelled him to take a stand and urge the citizens of Myanmar to fight for their country’s freedom.

”We don’t want military ruling again, we have been suffering for decades that’s why we’re fighting for democracy. As an artist, I wasn’t interested in politics before but it’s not about politics, it’s about my country’s future. I’ve been experienced the very bad education system under military ruling before, I don’t want my next generation to experience that again.” David Lai’s statement to Star FM Bacolod

The singer and songwriter added that the nation’s future is near mortal peril if the military further its abuse of power and the future generation’s education becomes vague.

Prayers are being requested from everywhere hoping their cry for democracy will be addressed as soon as possible.

The musician expressed his gratitude to Bombo Radyo Philippines for the opportunity to liberate his point of view over the distraught country that continues to endure one of the world’s longest-running ongoing civil wars.

”Thank you so much Star FM Philippines for interviewing me.”