Dana White
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UFC President Dana White took a shot to boxing’s sport after its ratings continue to go down due to the pandemic coronavirus disease.

White was confident on his tirade and the conclusion that boxing is in danger, unlike his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), who elevated its ratings and overcame the adversity during this time.

That is how he explained why boxing is looking like a failure right now.

“The number one reason is that these promoters that have been doing this for 30-40 years never invested money back into the sport.”

“Every boxing match that is going on is a going out of the business sale. Let’s get as much money as possible out of these people and get them —- out of town’. That’s a boxing match, and that is just not how you run a business. That’s not how you build a sport, and that is not how you create longevity within your sport.”

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Currently, the UFC is in a good position and is thriving.

How will boxing respond? Promoters are desperately trying to ink big fights but were forced to move on a later date to assure safety and other concerns.

Unlike UFC, held several big fights. They brought entertainment to the fans at home that resulted in their success.

For boxing, there will be no Manny Pacquiao fight this year.

Canelo Alvarez is also unlikely to fight due to his filed charges against his promoter and broadcast partner.

Boxing promoters need to think about how they will get up from this slump to end the sport’s suffering.