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UFC superstar and former boxer Conor McGregor got arrested recently for ‘sexual assault and indecent exposure’ charges.

The incident was quickly flooded and went viral on social media that received further comments from fans and concern netizens across the world.

Some said that McGregor deserved it while others defended him.

One boxing superstar did defend McGregor as middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders quoted on Twitter; “Give the man a twisted brake world.”

We all know McGregor as very aggressive and vocal when it comes to his professional career personality.

Still, his recent comeback made him a more down to earth fighter.

He even said that this year would be a long season for him as he vowed to take his throne back.

Luckily for McGregor, the arrest was only for a bit as they instantly took down the filed charges.

Currently, McGregor is with his family on vacation outside America.

Many people also think that the incident is not likely to happen because he is with his family, and he seemed to change on his last appearance on television.

But this is nothing new to the UFC superstar, and he can’t stay unnoticed because he is such a big name.

Saunders, who defended the Irish-native, was also in a similar scenario, in hot waters, after his controversial video about hitting women.

He was then found guilty and was fined by the local court.