DAVAO CITY – Authorities are now investigating another religious organization allegedly involved in investment scam.

Bombo Radyo Davao reported that Davao City Anti-Scam Unit immediately acted on reports that similar to KAPA Ministry International Inc., Omnipotent Ministry International also receives donations from its members with a promise of interest bigger than the 30 percent of KAPA.

However, Omnipotent Ministry International denied the said allegation.

The religious group’s manager and wife of its pastor went to the Anti-Scam Unit yesterday to clarify the complaints about their involvement in “easy money scheme.”

Based on the initial result of Anti-Scam Unit’s investigation, Omnipotent Ministry offers 38 percent interest or profit their members’ donation within six months.

Amie Espere, representative of Omnipotent Ministry admitted that their group is giving profit to the donations as a way of helping their members in need. (with reports from Bombo Radyo Davao)