Suffering his first professional defeat in a humiliating way in February, Deontay “Bronze Boomer” Wilder still eager to make his trilogy with Tyson Fury in December.

The new WBC heavyweight champ earlier said that he will no longer fight Wilder due to the fact that Wilder’s contract has expired and no words are coming from their camp.

Wilder and company have been very quiet for the past months as if they are evading the media and being highlighted.

No one knows the real status of Wilder but a close source stated that Wilder is expecting the Fury-Wilder III in December and the talks is ongoing.

Raphael Akpejiori who is training alongside Wilder’s strength and conditioning coach added that Wilder will be there fighting Fury in December no matter where the arena is.

If recalled, their rematch was highly anticipated but Fury manhandled the then-unbeaten American.

Owning Wilder for seven rounds was humiliating but what made Wilder furious was that his corner threw the towel.

He felt like he can continue and he will continue to fight whether he will be knocked out.

Frustration was evident in Wilder after the fight and from then on he vanished from the eyes of the many.

Months after recovering from the damage Fury unleashed, Wilder quietly went back to his training and conditioning. Up until this moment, it is still unknown to how in shape he is thinking that it is only two months away from December.

Is he trying to remain hidden and surprise Fury and everyone in their trilogy?

Or will there be any trilogy?