virginia beach shooting 1

Virginia Beach police Chief Jim Cervera confirmed that at least 11 people were pronounced dead, as well as the gunman, and six were injured following Friday’s shooting at a municipal center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Authorities said that a Virginia Beach police officer was also shot in the incident, but he was protected by a bulletproof vest. They are expecting him to be in stable condition.

Based on the initial information gathered by the authorities, the perpetrator was a former public works city employee but he got fired on his position last Thursday.

The shooting took place in Building 2 of the municipal center.

Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer said that this is the “most devastating” day in the city’s history.

According to the police, there were multiple injuries but they did not disclose further information regarding the incident.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now cooperating with the local authorities to know the reason behind the mass shooting.