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tyson fury melo

Tyson Fury has become the top heavyweight fighter in the present after dethroning Deontay Wilder last February.

Came with it was his worth as a boxer, he is now estimated to have 70 million euros net worth.

A pretty amazing story to tell after he battled depression that cost him his former lineal world title belts and almost his life.

Aside from his recent battle, Fury shared his humble beginning as a boxer after he donated his eight million dollars earning to the homeless after the Wilder rematch.

“I would be selling cars and stuff. Car dealing, that sort of thing. I sold a few cars, cut a few trees. Anything to try and get a few quid to pay my bills and look after my family,” said Fury on an article released by the Sun.

The Gypsy King was not a big hit when he first came into boxing that’s why he had to find a day job to give something to his family.

He revealed that he even washed and fixed cars before while working on his dad’s business.

“He was a used-car dealer and I used to wash the cars down, clean them out and so on.

“I would do stuff for him pretty much every day, it was quite a good job, to be honest.

“I did it all the way through school, from about the age of ten until I was 16.

“I was always quite good at fixing and working with cars. My dad’s always dealt cars and I’ve always been brought up around them.”

Fury added that those times helped him to appreciate the money and the hard work he did.

Those memories ignited him to give as much as he can to the needy nowadays as he has risen to the top of the hill.

Somehow, Fury can be linked to what Manny Pacquiao has been doing for years and they are both philanthropists.