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As we inch closer to the possible December 22 start for the NBA season 2020-2021, we listed down the top free agents available in the market right now.

These players will have a huge impact and had an outstanding last season that caught the interests of the other teams.

Without further ado, let’s go into it.

  1. Fred VanVleet
    The two-way guard of the Toronto Raptors continued to shine last season. After playing a major role during their championship run in 2019, VanVleet elevated his game further averaging 17.6 points and 6.6 assists per game. The absence of Kawhi Leonard made VanVleet, the former back-up guard of Kyle Lowry to become one of the leaders of Toronto.

Head Coach Nick Nurse stated that they have no intention of trading VanVleet, but he is a free agent. If other teams offered him a bigger contract than Toronto can give, he might have switch team. We never know but one thing that is sure is that a lot of teams are courting VanVleet right now.

  1. Montrezl Harrell
    The energetic big man and the Sixth Man of the Year awardee had his contract expired. He might choose to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers with its new head coach or find another team. Harrell called himself the modern Dennis Rodman. He is a workhorse inside the paint and he brings energy every time he comes in.
    His impact will be huge to any team, especially teams who are lacking production from the big man whether the offense of defense.
    However, he had a poor playoff performance that hurt his value on the market. Factors came to play during that run for Harrell as he missed several games due to the passing of his grandmother.
    Will the offseason cleared his head and is back to his old self already? Harrell is a great fit because of his ability to defend and score.

3. Carmelo Anthony
The future Hall of Famer made an amazing NBA comeback last season playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. During his half a year stay with them, Anthony was able to showcase that he has gas left and can be efficient especially in scoring.

The 36-year old forward played the started role in Portland and had several clutch baskets in the season. Many had written him off but Anthony proved that he still belongs in the league.

His mid-range game can be very helpful in teams struggling with one-on-one scoring. Carmelo Anthony can score despite being guarded by two. He will bully defenders in a one-on-one post matchup.

Although the league is on a new era wherein three-points are the new slamdunk, Anthony’s mid-range game was still effective. He can give a bucket anytime when he is left on an island with only one defender.
Aside from his scoring, Anthony can bring leadership to the team as well as teaching the young generations.

  1. Danilo Gallinari
    Gallinari is a very underrated player. He was a big part of the Clippers run in the playoffs in 2019 as well with the Oklahoma City Thunder last season.
    They weren’t expected to reach the playoffs but they did.

Gallinari is a pure bucket just like Anthony. He is a floor spacer with his three-point shooting. He can give at least 15 points per game on any given night. Gallinari is also a good passer.

These players are the big catch in this year’s free agency.

And with the season about to start, teams must already work their way to their desired players.