Basic commodities such as rice, canned sardines, canned meat, and instant noodles may increase their prices, following the petitions for price hikes, according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Beverages such as bottled water, coffee, and milk, as well as condiments, are also included in the possible price increase.

The said grocery items may add P0.25 to P7.25 in their tags, depending on the product weight, according to the DTI.

Bread products, such as Pinoy Tasty and pandesal may also adjust their prices from P2 to P2.50.

Soap products, candles, and batteries also submitted their petitions for price increases to the said department.

DTI Assistant Secretary Amanda Nograles stated that the manufacturers have been submitting their petitions since 2022, however this year, they should no longer disregard their requests since job security might be at risk if the manufacturers are pushed into a corner.

Nograles also said that they are still bargaining for the requested price hikes, and compromise for a more affordable increase.