While others may do and go to the extremes, Japanese simply seem to lack the appetite and desire on SEX.

This, after Japan recorded the highest number of virgin adults among other countries.

Japanese females age 18 to 39 remain virgins or have not tried sex and the rate increased to 24.6% in 2015 from the 21.7% in 1992.

The said number of female virgins are higher than Japanese males who never got intimate with any partner.

According to Peter Ueda, public health researcher from University of Tokyo, Japan already considers this lack of sexual activity as national concern.

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Based on the study conducted by public health experts in the University of Tokyo, it was learned that low income and conservative values are the main factors why Japanese remain less interested to sex.

The survey result revealed that Japan has the lowest sexual awareness compared to United Kingdom, United States and Australia with only 1% to 5% “virginity rate.”