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Tyson Fury does not yet see the end of the tunnel for his boxing career, but he already has a view on how he would feel after hanging the gloves for good.

tyson fury gypsy king

The unbeaten and reigning WBC heavyweight world champion calls his post-boxing life “a sad and lonely life.”

“I’m not fighting to be the greatest of all time, and I’m not fighting to be a legend,” Fury said.

“It wouldn’t benefit me earning another £50m or £200m, and you don’t need to be rich to live my life. I’m just a normal person who is very good at boxing and an extraordinary, chosen person,” he said via Reuters.

“What motivates me? I’m getting asked this a lot. It’s not a few quid, and it’s a fact there’s nothing else.”

“I’m boxing because I can — I don’t enjoy anything else, I don’t have any hobbies. After boxing, I will be an unfortunate, lonely person.
“I’ve tried looking after animals, four-wheeled driving, got a shotgun license, clay pigeon shooting. Nothing turns me on.”