The United States of America and the United Kingdom launched air and sea strikes against the Iranian-backed Houthi militant group, based in Yemen.

Houthi’s persistent attacks on the vessels crossing the international shipping lanes in the Red Sea and Gulf of Adan triggered the two countries to take action.

The continuous attacks made an obstacle among countries in Asia and Europe trading, causing shipping delays by 15%.

US President Joe Bidden firmly said that he would not tolerate the Houthi’s aggressions toward the country’s shipping vessels, nor would not allow them to imperil the freedom of navigation.

One of the US officials stated that US and Britain’s military assets struck more than a dozen Houthi targets.

“We were going after very specific capability in very specific locations with precision munitions,” the official said

While countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands support the retaliation moves of the United States and Britain.

The United Nations (UN) and the US government already warned the Houthis to halt the attacks. However, the militant group defied the diplomatic expression.

Houthis also claimed that their constant bombings symbolize their support to Hamas, the rebel group controlling Gaza.