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Following a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake in southern Turkey, Turkish police announced that 4 persons had been detained for “provocative” social media posts.

More than 4,800 people were killed in Turkey and Syria by the earthquake that slammed the area early on Monday. Thousands more were injured, and many more were left without shelter in the bitter cold.

Officers discovered accounts that exchanged “provocative posts aiming to create fear and panic,” according to the police, and the 4 people were taken into custody.

It also stated that more investigation into social media accounts were ongoing but offered no information on the content of the posts.

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People have posted a lot on Turkish social media criticizing the lack of search and rescue activities in their region, particularly in Hatay.

“The address and location information of citizens who seek help is immediately ascertained and coordination is established,” they said.

Turkish authorities have pushed down on social media posts in recent years, particularly those seen as supporting “terror,” but this has sparked claims that freedom of expression has been curtailed.