The Supreme Court (SC) has disbarred another lawyer for his greedy behavior.

This came a day after SC deleted Atty. Amador B. Peleo III from the Roll of Attorneys after he failed to support his child from his mistress and even falsifying documents.

In a 13-page per curiam decision of SC on Thursday confirmed it has disbarred Atty. Elmer A. Dela Rosa after being found guilty of gross misconduct and was accused of breaching his fiduciary duties which violated the Code of Professional Responsibility (CPR).

“He has been warned the first time; he has not made amends to undo the consequences of his indiscretions and greed this second time. He was punished with three years of suspension, but to no avail, as no sooner could he complete the service of the penalty than he is again before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) and the Court reviewing his actions.”

In 2016, Dela Rosa got suspended from practicing his profession for borrowing an amount of money from one of his clients. Due to the said misconduct the lawyer committed, it deeply affected his Client-Cooperative and farmer-beneficiaries.

In 1997, Palalan Carp Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative hired Atty. Dela Rosa on a civil case regarding the annulment of the Transfer Certificate of Title of 111.4-hectare land located in Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro City.

While in 2002, the Cooperative executed a special power of attorney (SPA) that authorized Dela Rosa to do certain acts but was revoked in 2007. Despite the revocation of the SPA, Dela Rosa continued to be an agent to sell the property.

When the property was sold, he paid the farmer-beneficiaries with their respective shares on the sale but failed to declare its process.

SC said the lawyer’s actions have corrupt intentions and even disregarded the ethical rules.

The higher court also ordered the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) to remove Dela Rosa from the Roll of Attorneys.

Integrated Bar of the Philippines(IBP)-Board of Governors said that Dela Rosa chose to protect his personal pecuniary interest instead of protecting the interests of his clients and its members.

(With reports from Bombo Jerald B. Ulep)