Jake Paul
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Despite the narratives that Jake and Logan Paul are a disgrace in the sport of boxing, a ray of light shine upon their defense recently, and it came from not just a professional boxer but from one of the top fighters at the moment Tyson Fury himself.

“I’ve been pretty impressed with the Pauls, though, the brothers, both of them. To be fair. They’ve been a good breath of fresh air to the boxing scene. Fantastic, guys. Well done if you’re watching,” the WBC heavyweight champion said.

For context, boxing has been on a decline since the pandemic started, and even with their ‘bad publicity,’ it did wonder for the benefit of the sports.

As the saying goes, bad publicity is still publicity.

Fury, set to defend his belt against Deontay Wilder, is hopeful that his brother Tommy will get his shot to fight Jake Paul in another exhibition match.

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“Hopefully, it happens. Jake and Tommy’s had a lot of back and forth. I’m sure it’s going to happen soon… I think [Jake’s] a decent fighter for sure. I think Tommy knocks him out cold. But I know Tommy’s a dynamite puncher,” he said.