According to Logan’s younger brother Jake after his big boxing debut win over boxing legend Julio Cezar Chavez, Anderson Silva talks with Youtuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul for a possible fight.

“I think there are talks of him maybe fighting my brother, but Anderson’s a nice guy, and I respect him as a legend,” Jake Paul said on TMZ Sports.

Silva, a UFC legend himself, recently joined the bandwagon of cross-sport and is continuing to look for more fights as a boxer.

Initially, people want him to fight another legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr., but the Logan fight seems more probable.

“But I think it would be more interesting to see Anderson Silva fight Roy Jones Jr on my undercard, which is what I like originally tweeted out there.

“Because he beat one legendary boxer, let’s see if he can beat another legendary boxer, and maybe there’s a fight for us down the road,” Jake added.

Whether the talks will progress to a done deal, the younger Paul threw much respect to Silva on his victory over Chavez.

“Anderson’s 46-years-old and I thought he did an incredible job, man.

“He was sticking, moving, bouncing around the ring, having fun, throwing combos, and he’s long and skinny.

“And to come in there and beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr whose, what, over 50 wins in the ring as a world champion.

“This goes to show MMA strikers are also great boxers, and I think many people forget that.