Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle encourages Catholic Filipinos to join the journey of God with concern and love for each other.

This is based on his observation to more than 1 billion Roman Catholics for today’s Ash Wednesday celebration which signals new beginnings of the Lenten Season.

In a message given by Cardinal Tagle, he emphasized that Lenten Season is an opportunity to give service for those who are in need of help.

Cardinal Tagle added that it is important for people to fully commit their lives in the service of God.

“Today, the first day of Lent, we start preparing to journey with Jesus to Jerusalem where He will show His love for God the Father and for us until the end. It is difficult to travel with heavy bags and baggages,” says Tagle.

He also said that fasting, praying and giving alms to the poor is also considered as being part of God’s mission. Furthermore, it will be a great help to lighten the burden of each believers.

Davao Archbishop and Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Romulo Valles aforementioned that believers should not forget their obligation every Lent.

He also induced the Catholics to cooperate with the church on commemorating the sufferings and death of Jesus to save the lives of many from their worldly sins.