LA UNION – Insirbin ti Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) iti preventive suspension order ti Office of the Ombudsman kontra kenni incumbent Mayor Hermigildo Gualberto gapu iti maipagarup a saan nga umuno a panagaramat iti pondo ti lokal a gobyerno iti syudad ti San Fernando, La Union.

Naammuan ti Bombo Radyo a ti pannakasuspendi ti alkalde ket gapu iti naidatag a reklamo idiay Office of the Ombudsman ti kangrunaan a complainant a ni Cadaclan, San Fernando City Samuel ‘Amming’ Jucar kaddua iti nasurok a 40 barangay chairmen ti syudad.

Naireklamo ni Mayor Gualberto gapu iti maipagarup a saan nga umno a panangaramat iti development fund ti 2018 ken naigastos daytoy iti rehabilitasyon ti city plaza.

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Maipagarup nga awan idiay city hall ti alkalde iti a naisirbi ti pammilin ti Ombudsman.

Kabayatanna, iti official statement ni Mayor Gualberto kinunana a naawatnan ti suspension order.

Sigun iti alkalde, saan daytoy a naikkan iti gundaway a sungbatan ken adalen ti reklamo a saanna pay a nakita.

Mapagdudua-an kinunana iti pannakairuar ti suspension order gapu ta dua a lawas laengen ket eleksyon ken ti tarigagay daytoy a mabainan isuna.

“Today we received an order from the Office of the Ombudsman informing us that starting today, I am preventively suspended from performing the functions of the office for which you have elected me.

This preventive suspension emanates from a case which I have never seen or been given the opportunity to examine or oppose. It also comes with undue haste and at a suspicious time – two weeks shy of the elections. This is why I cannot shake off the feeling that this malicious persecution is designed to humiliate your manong, your kabagis, your mayor in the eyes of the people.

However, I have personally gotten to know a lot of you to trust that the people of San Fernando know better than to believe decoys and diversions. My faith is in you, my brothers and sisters, knowing that you will not allow this plot to succeed.

We have gone a long way in bringing about reforms and I believe that this is nothing but a tiny bump in our journey to build a city that we can all proudly call home.”, ani ni Mayor Gualberto.

Ni Mayor Gualberto ket maninsan manen a sumabak iti mayoralty race iti syudad ken makabalubalna ni Jose Maria “Pepe” Ortega.