Donald Trump Ireland

US President Donald Trump seem to proved that he knows nothing about international affairs when he suddenly brought up about Brexit during his news conference in Ireland.

The American president is currently in the said country after his three-day visit in United Kingdom. He met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. While speaking to the media, Trump rambled on how much he supports the Brexit deal. Varadkar looked Trump in disbelief before cutting him off to say that Ireland wants to avoid a border wall. Failing to hide his ignorance about the topic, Trump shifted and said that he thinks Ireland should avoid a wall because “the way it works right now is good.”

“Probably you’ll ask me about Brexit because I just left some very good people who are very involved with Brexit, as you know. And I think it will all work out very well, and also for you with your wall, your border,” Trump said in the leaders’ meeting

Varadkar quickly expressed his side: “I think one thing we want to avoid, of course, is a wall or border between us,” Varadkar has been a strong opposer of Brexit.

“I think you do, I think you do,” Trump responded. “The way it works now is good, you want to try and to keep it that way. I know that’s a big point of contention with respect to Brexit. I’m sure it’s going to work out very well. I know they’re focused very heavily on it.”

Brexit deal is the withdrawal of United Kingdom from the European Union. This might have a massive damage on United Kingdom’s economy, and will possibly lead to increase in poverty and unemployment rate of the country while slowly damaging trade transactions.

Trump, who has been known for knowing nothing about almost everything he say, is an avid supporter of Brexit and the odious rightwing demagogues who are still doing their best to sell the idea to the British people.

Ireland has become a part of United Kingdom in 1801. The country is split into two parts: Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The latter makes up a part of the United Kingdom. In present times, the two regions are still part of EU but if UK’s withdrawal will pushed through then it would only mean that Northern Ireland will not be part of EU while Republic of Ireland stays.

This drastic change could greatly bring complications to trade and people of both regions.

There are still some Irish who believes that Ireland should be one country only while others strongly approves that Northern Ireland should stay as a part of United Kingdom. However, many expressed their worry that if U.K decided to leave EU for good it will ignite Ireland’s secretarian division which will surely last again for decades.