Ginasaulog subong nga bulan sang Nobyembre ang National Rice Awareness Month.

Kadungan sini, ginaduso sang Department of Agriculture (DA) ang pagkonsumo sang healthy kag nutritious nga sahi sang bugas.

Ang National Rice Awareness Month ang ginasaulog kada bulan sang Nobyembre santo sa Presidential Proclamation No. 524 series of 2004 sa diin katuyuan sini nga masolbar ang maltnutrisyon, poverty kag ma-promote ang rice self-sufficiency.

“We have been faced by the COVID-19 pandemic for almost two years, and it is just appropriate and relevant to have the Be RICEponsibly Healthy theme as we observe the NRAM this 2021,” pahayag ni DA Western Visayas Regional Executive Director Remelyn R. Recoter.

Nahibaluan nga ang bugas bilang primary food staple sa pungsod ang isa sa ‘three crops’ nga may mataas nga produksyon sang 2020.

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“I would like to thank our rice farmers for their labor in production even we are in the pandemic. Western Visayas has a 4.7 percent growth rate in terms of production value in 2020, which is the highest among the regions. And the crop sector constitutes mainly rice, sugarcane and watermelon reached 10.2 percent growth last year,” dugang pa ni Recoter.

Gina-engganyo man sang natungdan ang publiko nga magkonsumo sang masustansya nga bugas kaangay na lang sang brown rice ukon mas kilala nga ‘pinawa’ kag iban pa nga pigmented rice.

“We are holding these activities as our means to show respect and support to our local rice farmers who are among our economic frontliners this time of the global pandemic. My salute to all Region 6 farmers who contributed to the 2.23 million metric tons of palay production in 2020,” dugang pa ni Recoter.

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