Personally I am saddened and shocked that a crime this brutal was committed by members of our Police Force. Though historically we know that beheading enemies used to be a part of the culture of the Cordilleras, in these modern times, it is anathema to contemporary society.

This singular event brought down the morale of the whole Police Force of Cordillera but it is worth noting that it was we ourselves who investigated, identified and be the ones to file the case against the perpetrators, notwithstanding the fact that they are our brothers in arms.

We reiterate that this is an isolated incident. We will always remain guided by the Directive of our Chief, PNP, PGEN DEBOLD SINAS, not to condone nor tolerate any wrongdoing of our men.

We condole with the Family of the victim and we vow that justice will be served.

Despite this incident, your PROCOR policemen and women remain committed to delivering the best Public Service to the people of the Cordilleras and steadfast in our pledge of being the protectors of the citizens and be worthy to be called Cordillera’s Finest.