Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the destructive fires raging in the forests of their country might continue for months.

The prime minister also assured they will establish a recovery agency to help the victims who lost their homes and livelihoods due to the wildfire.

Morrison said that the recovery agency might serve everyone up to two years in order to give aid to those who are in dire need of help from infrastructure and even mental health support.

He has faced various criticisms over the way he handles the situation and even taking some time off enjoying his vacation in Hawaii despite the crisis his country faces.

The official was also condemned after the head of the New South Wales (NSW) state Rural Fire Services revealed that he only knew about the plan to call up reserve troops through media.

“I was disappointed and I was frustrated in the middle of what was one of our worst (fire) days ever on record with massive dislocation and movement of people and a focus on really difficult weather,” said NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons.

As of now, the authorities recorded a total of 24 deaths since the bushfires started in September.

(With reports from Bombo Bam Orpilla)