No.1 Radio Network in the Country

Broadcasting from 24 key cities and provinces nationwide, Bombo Radyo and Star FM is the creation of 50 years of painstaking hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance through the stewardship of Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, the Chairman.

DYFM (now known as Bombo Radyo Iloilo), the flagship station began its broadcast on July 6, 1966. The first studio was situated at Mapa Street. DYFM was then a part of the Northern Broadcasting. From such humble beginnings, DYFM Bombo Radyo ascended to the number one ranking in the surveys from 1979/1980 up to the present. The following years showed growth for the fledgling Network. Assets were acquired and logistics procured.

Branding was also made for the station starting with DYFM Iloilo. The term ‘Bombo’, which serves as the name of the Network and AM stations, means drum in Spanish language. The drum is placed inside the announcer’s booth just beside the chair of the anchor. The anchor strikes or beats the drum to give emphasis on the important and relevant issues, facts or events that he is discussing on air. The bass drum then became the Network’s logo.

Bombo Radyo became a brand name very much known for its latest news (local, national, international, sports, entertainment (anything that would the interest the public), in-depth discussion and analysis of timely and burning issues, fearless commentaries, and controversial exposes against prominent and powerful politicians.

In the 1986 People’s Power Revolution to restore the democratic process, Dr. Florete staked his and the Network’s reputation and very existence by delivering the truth about the country and the elections, and the mass movement against the then ruling authorities. Bombo Radyo Philippines was the only Network that carried the happenings in Metro Manila to the provinces.

Bombo Radyo Philippines can count on a long list of Bombo Radyo Martyrs who offered the supreme sacrifice of their lives in the altar of truth and public service: Eddie K. Suede, Noel P. Teneso, Severino “Rino” A. Arcones, Atty. Elpidio G. Monteclaro, Frank Palma, Herson “Boy” T. “Boy” T. Hinolan, and Ernesto “Bart” S. Maravilla.


Bombo Radyo Philippines is composed of three radio networks; namely, Newsounds Broadcasting Network, Inc. (NBN), Consolidated Broadcasting System, Inc. (CBS); and People’s Broadcasting Service, Inc. (PBS).

Not only were the Bombo Radyo and Star FM stations leading in the ratings game, the Network also acquired the reputation as the PROMO NETWORK.

Promos like Starvaganza Na Bombonanza Pa, Text Bomb, One Two Panalo Promo, Buena Mano Salvo and Star Swerte Sa Palengke earned the trust of clients and enticed numerous participants for their generous prizes.

One Two Panalo sa Star FM at Bombo Radyo is the Philippines longest running promo. It is now in its 15th Year.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, the Network expanded by leaps and bounds. To date, all over the Philippines, there are 20 Bombo Radyo stations, majority of which are consistently dominant and official number 1 in survey ratings, and 11 Star FM stations which are also being widely patronized by radio listeners. This year in time for the Golden Year Anniversary, also marked the passing of the baton of leadership to Dr. Florete’s daughter, Ms. Margaret Ruth Florete as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Bombo Radyo Philippines.

Indeed, Bombo Radyo Philippines, a respected and credible radio network, does not rest on its laurels as it firmly believes that there is no way but to move forward in sync with the time and the new technology even responsive to its listeners, geared to public service for the good of the country and our people.


  • To be the strongest Radio Network in the country, independent and free

  • Committed to the task of being the most reliable source of news and information, views, entertainment and education.

  • A network that is a breeding ground for professional news reporters and principled anchormen who are willing to stand-up and sacrifice for the truth;

  • A Network that always upholds the mark or excellence on the conduct of its affairs; and

  • A Network that seeks avenue of service to GOD, PEOPLE AND COUNTRY.


  • To elevate the consciousness of the Filipino people and help crystalize opinion on issues of local, national or global interest;

  • To pursue with excellence, the commitment to service towards countrymen, faithfully protecting the weak and exposing the wicked; helping the needy and serving as a mouthpiece for the voiceless;

  • To be steadfast in fulfillment of our task of factual information dissemination without any compromise;

  • To dedicate ourselves to the tenets of truth, honest, fairness, justice and what is honorable to both God and man in the pursuit of our role as catalyst in our society;

  • To create a climate for development through entertainment, informative, educational and value-oriented programming; thereby steering the nation towards cultural, social and economic reforms; and

  • To pledge our service in the interest of our people, listeners employees and stockholders.