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Bombo Radyo Laoag

Streaming Live from Laoag City Philippines

Station Profile 

Bombo Radyo Laoag is strategically located in Brgy. 48 â€" A Cabungaan North, Airport Avenue Laoag City. It is located just a few kilometers from the Laoag City International Airport, the only 5 star hotels in Northern Luzon, the Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel and from the heart of the City, known nationwide as the Cleanest and Greenest City. Laoag City, which is 488 kilometers north of Manila, can be reached via a 9-10 hours bus ride or a 55-minute plane ride from the Laoag International Airport. Most tourists and visitors in the area prefer to come in via the Laoag International Airport because of its convenience.

Bombo Radyo Laoag started its operation on June 11, 1989 after the completion of its new building and in the new management of Newsounds Broadcasting Network, Inc., renewing its commitment to serve. The old DZVR has been operating since 1964 under the Northern Broadcasting Company, but the former owner, Mr. Antonio Villanueva sold his share of the company to MR. Rogelio Florete, thereby giving our present President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rogelio M. Florete Sr. full control of DZVR. Since the start of its operation, BOMBO RADYO Laoag is well known for its news and commentary programs. Through the years, the station has grown and made a mark in the community as the watchdog of government and of society.


Station Ratings:


Bombo Radyo Laoag is the Number One Radio Station in Laoag City and in the whole province of Ilocos Norte beating other Radio Stations in the area in the survey. Bombo Radyo is providing different news and information keeping its listeners aware of the latest development in politics, economy, sports, and entertainment. Bombo Radyo is also considered the clock of the people. If they listen to a particular program, they already know what times is aside from the information they get in listening to Bombo Radyo..

Reach and Listenership:


Bombo Radyo Laoag primary area of coverage is Ilocos Norte and its secondary coverage includes Ilocos Sur, and Abra from the South and Cagayan Valley, Batanes and Kalinga-Apayao from the North. Listeners of Bombo Radyo Laoag are from classes A, B, C, and D & E and from all ages.


Antonio T. Casimiro
Station Manager


Estelita C. Baptista
Acting Assistant Station Manager


Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center
Brgy. 48-A, Cabungaan
Laoag City 2900


Contact Numbers
(077) 670-8495
Fax Line: (077) 773-2861
CP# - 09175312309 / 09173066573

Facebook :
Twitter: @BLaoag

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call Sign: DZVR
Frequency: 711 KHZ
Radiated Power: 5,000 KW

Awards & Commendation


- Overall No. 1 AM Station in Laoag City and Ilocos Norte

- Winner of 19th KBP Golden Dove People's Choice Award

- 2013 Best Station (Bombo Radyo Philippines)

- Diploma of Service Award 2011 – Philippine Red Cross

- Scroll of Honor Award 2012 – Philippine Red Cross

- Blood Services Platinum Award – Philippine Red Cross

- Testimonial Plaque Award 2014 – Philippine Red Cross




Bombo Robert Dela Cruz
Bombo Reports 1st Edition & Bombo Reports Afternoon Edition


Bombo Lita Baptista & Bombo Robert dela Cruz
News & Views Morning and Afternoon Edition


Bombo Tony Casimiro
Bombo Bunos Balita


Bombo Lita Baptista
Bombo Reports 2nd Edition


Bombo Vicky Adena
Bombo Hanay Bigtime


Bombo Edgar Jacinto
Bombo Hanay Pangaldaw


Bombo Randy Yute
Zona Libre

Bombo Tony Casimiro
Zona Libre (Wednesday)
Bombo Reports 1st Edition (Saturday)
Bombo Reports 3rd Edition (Saturday)


Sunday Programs:


Bombo Roger Lopez
Bombo Tar-taraok


Bombo Robert dela Cruz & Bombo Gina Cabusas
Bombo News & Views Sunday Edition


Bombo Dulce Valenzuela
Bombo Reports Sunday Edition


Bombo Robert dela Cruz & Bombo Geraldine Otoman
Good Morning Philippines


Bombo Roger Lopez & Bombo Ranie Dorilag
Gitarahan sa Bombo


Bombo Randy Yute
Dura Lex Sed Lex


Bombo Dulce Valenzuela
Doctor Bombo


Bombo Bernard Ver
Bombo Reports Sunday Edition


Bombo Bernard Ver & Bombo Gina Cabusas
Bombo News & Views Sunday Edition


Bombo Robert dela Cruz
Bombo Harana


Bombo Bernard Ver
Arasaas ti Rabii (Whisper in the Night)

Contact Us

  • Address: 2406 Nobel corner Edison Streets, Makati City Philippines
  • Tel: +(632) 843 0116
  • Fax: +(632) 843 0116
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.